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Khaki Concealed Carry Pistol Holster

Khaki Concealed Carry Pistol Holster

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  • Cheapshot Gun Holster

    Cheapshot Khaki Concealed Carry Nylon Gun Holster

    Lets face it do you want to carry your gun or carry your holster?  Our holsters are designed with a slim profile for the ultimate in comfort, ease of use and security. Cheapshot sell the most versatile concealed carry gun holsters available, made from ballistic cordura nylon that wont allow sweat or moisture to permeate the holster and rust your gun. Our concealment carry holsters ensure that you carry your firearms with comfort as well as confidence.

    • Lightweight, Our Khaki holster is mere ounces compared to Kydex, Plastic, Fiberglass or Leather holsters
    • Comfortable, breathable water resistant material that wont allow moisture from perspiration to ruin your pistol
    • Our Durable Khaki holster is well built made of space aged Cordura ballistic Nylon that is warranted for a lifetime
    • Designed to protect and hold the firearm securely while providing easy access and non-scratch water resistant surfaces that wont damage your gun.
    • Prevent accidental discharge, no soft edges or curling that is typical with leather holsters and no sharp hard surfaces or corners to catch triggers and cause discharges.
    • Provides quick access with a simple and time tested matching Khaki Velcro thumb break that securely holds your firearm while providing quick access to your pistol when seconds count.

    Cheapshot sells the most comfortable,  affordable and best warranted IWB, OWB, Ankle and belly band holsters available today. 

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Customer Reviews

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A Peck

Love this holster, works with my rail laser and it is super light. Fits 5 of my pistols and cant beat the value, RECOMMENDED