Lifetime Warranty


Cheapshot Holster

Cheapshot Holsters® uses only the highest quality durable materials. We realize there will be occasions when a components fail and things break. We maintain a 100% lifetime warranty on material, quality and workmanship. If at anytime during the life of your Cheapshot Holster the product fails from workmanship or defects we will replace it for free. Simply return your holster and we will provide a replacement plus the cost of shipping and a small handling charge. Of course, some things are not covered by our free lifetime replacement policy such as cosmetic damage due to wear and tear, loss or theft, customer abuse, unauthorized repairs by someone other than Cheapshot Holsters, or modifications made by the customer. We also do not cover return or replacement shipping.



Regardless of where you purchase your Cheapshot Holster we will honor our lifetime replacement warranty as long as the item was purchased from an authorized re-seller. Original proof of purchase must be provided with your return and it is only warranted to the original purchaser.

Return Warranty Shipping

All warranty replacements must be returned shipped postage paid by the original purchaser. Cheapshot holsters does not cover return or replacement shipping.

Replacement Shipping

All warranty replacement shipping charges will be pre-paid by the customer according to the address and current USPS first class postage rates. A flat $5.90 shipping charge for all domestic shipments in the lower 48 United States, Excludes Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Return Procedure And Shipping Payment

If you are planning on returning a Cheapshot Holster for warranty replacement please contact here  for return instructions

Products that Were Not Repaired By Third Parties

If the products you return to our store have not been repaired by the third parties, they are liable to warranty. Don’t go to the street corner repairing office that is close to your house. Talk to our warranty technicians first, they are here to help you with any problem you may face.

International Warranty Service (IWS)

International warranty replacement Is unavailable


In what cases the warranty is not provided?

Damages caused from wear and tear

Please note that our guarantee does not cover product damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear of our products

Misuse or abuse

If any of our products has visual traces of misuse or abuse (deliberate damaged caused by the consumer) , this case is also not covered by our replacement warranty.

Non branded items

This warranty does not apply to any items non Cheapshot branded products sold by our company even if packaged and sold with our original products and may have the benefit of the actual manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty period

The warranty begins on the date of purchase on the purchase receipt to the original purchaser only and remains in force for the life of the product. In case the purchase receipt is not provided, the warranty will not be honored so please keep your original proof of purchase

Unauthorized repairing services

If at any time a Cheapshot holster has been repaired or altered by the customer or any unauthorized service organization, engineer or technician the buyer loses his/her right for warranty replacement.

Cleaning the product

If your Cheapshot Holster is deliberately or accidentally damaged during cleaning or removing of foreign material from its surface or inside of it this will void your replacement warranty

Change and Return

If you are not satisfied with your purchase on arrival you have fourteen (14) days starting from the delivery date to return or exchange your Cheapshot Holster all returns exclude replacement and return shipping. In the event you wish to file a replacement warranty service claim or would like to exchange or return a purchase for a refund, please contact us here